Louis Soares here.  Welcome to my home on the web.Louis Soares

I designed this environment for individuals to get to know me and explore ways to collaborate.  With that in mind, I am a learning activist, policy and organizational advisor.

As a learning activist, I champion two related causes – post-traditional learners and Whole Life Learning for Career Success.  Post-traditional Learners include the millions of adults who pursue education while balancing family and work responsibilities.  Whole Life Learning for Career Success is a way of supporting the education of Post-traditional Learners by integrating work, family and education into a “life as apprenticeship” journey.

As a policy advisor, I develop and support policies and practices that help Post-traditional Learners solve the nettlesome challenges they confront in pursuit of Whole Life Learning.  The challenges include poorly designed financial assistance, ill-suited education programs and inflexible work environments.

As an organizational advisor, I use management and facilitation skills honed as an entrepreneur in the for-profit, not-for-profit and public sectors to assist executives to catalyze and manage change in their organizations.

Currently, I work with education and business leaders on projects that allow me to synthesize these skills sets and generate solutions for Post-traditional Learners be they veterans, single parents, working adults or high schools equivalency recipients.

As a writer, I endeavor to integrate these perspectives into solutions using three broad areas of thought leadership:  Business Models/Technology, Post-traditional Learners and Education Partnerships.

Please explore my Bio, Clients/Projects, Publications and Learning Scene Blog and contact me with any questions.